Maryland man’s motion sickness leads to $50,000 lottery prize

A Maryland man forced to miss a family cruise due to his motion sickness issues ended up winning a $50,000 lottery prize during his time alone.

James Howard, 48, of Arutus, told Maryland Lottery officials his motion sickness problems caused him to stay home alone while his wife, adult children and mother-in-law took a cruise together.

Howard said he ended up having some fun and excitement of his own when he bought a $5 Monopoly X20 scratch-off ticket from Pantry 1 Food Mart in Halethorpe.

“I like chasing the wins and trying to get the big win,” Howard said.

His ticket ended up giving him a big win: $50,000.

Howard said he called his family aboard the ship to give them the good news.

“They told me to make sure I get a picture with the big check,” he said.

Howard said the clerk at Pantry 1 Food Mart was equally enthused about his win.

“He was excited. I think he even gave me a hug,” the winner recalled.

Howard said he is planning to use his money to buy a new vehicle, do some projects around the house and put the rest into savings.