Man spends three days searching beach for stranger’s lost ring

A Massachusetts man reunited a woman with her diamond ring after spending three days using his metal detector to search the ocean at a New Hampshire beach.

Francesca Teal said she and her husband were throwing a football in waist-deep water at North Beach in Hampton, N.H., when her diamond wedding ring, a family heirloom that originally belonged to her great-grandmother, flew off her finger.

Teal said she and her husband searched for hours, but were unable to find the ring.

“It’s a very small piece of material in this huge ocean,” Teal told WBTS-TV. “In that moment my heart sank.”

Teal posted a request for help on Facebook, and the post came to the attention of Marshfield, Mass., resident Lou Asci. Asci drove more than 75 miles to search for Teal’s lost ring.

“We’ve all lost something that was important to us,” Asci told The Washington Post. “I had to at least put in the effort.”

Asci ended up spending about 15 hours over the course of three days using his metal detector to search for the ring.

He finally sent Teal a photo of the diamond ring he found, writing: “Please tell me this is the ring so I can finally get off this beach.”

The ring was indeed Teal’s, and the precious item was returned to its grateful owner.